Our Rooms

Our purpose built centre has two indoor environments to provide for children’s learning and development.  

Māhuri (Sapling)

Ages 2 - 5

This is our environment for children aged 2-5.  Children this age are interested in developing friendships and social skills.  They are learning to direct their own play and activities.  A wide range of play experiences allow children to make sense of their world and extend their imaginations.    Group mat times in this room give children an opportunity to develop skills needed to be part of a larger group.  Teachers support children’s growing interests in literacy, mathematics and other subject knowledge.

Kākano (Seed)

Ages 0 - 3

This is our infants and toddlers room  for 0-3 year olds. This environment will allow children to grow and explore at their own pace. Teachers will ensure that children feel safe and secure by providing for their needs with consistent and attentive care.