Our History

Hope Preschool was established to provide quality, accessible early childhood education and care for the families of Mataura and surrounding districts.


Our Story

The story of Hope started about 2009, when planning started with a view to setting up Hope Preschool. During this time the opportunity arose to use the Mataura Christian Church building.   Work was put into research and connecting with the needs of the Mataura community.

The Hope Education Trust, a charitable trust was established in 2010.   Initial funding from the MOE under the Targeted Assistance for Participation was a boost and we were able to set up and license the centre for 20 children opening on 31 March 2014.  As our roll and then waiting list grew we soon increased our license to 25, the maximum for our facility. There have been many challenges along the way, but we have always been blessed by the support of the local community. We have had over 200 children attend since we started.

Building Expansion

Over time we came to realise that we were well established and would like to be able to have a permanent and provide for more children and families. In 2018 we started the process of working towards a new facility. This has involved a writing some detailed and lengthy grant applications, purchasing and clearing a section, a resource consent and finally a building consent.

In March 2022 we moved into our new building. It provides us with:

We would not have gotten to this stage without the work of many, many people, and God’s blessing. We are thankful to our funders, large and small, all those who have taught and worked here, those who have volunteered their time, and our families and children for being part of this place.

Hope Preschool Building